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What are the types of Press machines?

Press Machines :

Press machines are majorly used in sheet metal industries for providing any shape or punch to the sheet metal. The Press Machines are designed to use mechanical force or pressure to mold or cut metal. With the use of a press machine, you may muold metal into any shape you want without having to remove any chips.

There are various types of categorizing presses into various categories. We at Rajesh group of company provides two types of Power Press Machines.

 Types according to Power Source :

  1. Manually operated or Hand Press or ball press or Fly press

  2. Power press


Types according to designs of the frame:

  1. Gap Frame Press

  2. Inclinable Frame Press

  3. Adjustable Bed Frame Press

  4. Horning Press

  5. Straight Side Press

  6. Pillar

Classification according to Power Source :

  1. Manually Operated Press Machines :


These machines are the most simple form of Press machine in which press is applied manually. This kind of machine is used when working operations are of thin metal sheet where less force and pressure are required. It is operated manually. These presses are used to perform small operations like piercing, blanking, bending, etc. The types of manual press machines are hand press, ball press, and fly press.


The main parts of the hand press machines are the frame, ram, nut and screw, iron ball, handle, guideway, punch, and die. The cast iron balls are mounted at two ends which are bolted to screw. The ram moves up and down by rotating the arm manually and performing operations. The sheet is placed on the bed, and the ram is equipped with a punch.


  1. Power Press Machines:

 These are the most famous machines which are mainly used in workshops. The function is the same as the hand press but the only difference is that the ram is operated by power. The power source of this kind of machine is either an electric motor or engine. 


The ram is equipped with a punch and is used to work on the job that is held on the die block and bolster. The flywheel receives energy from the electric motor, which is then transferred to the ram via a clutch and crankshaft.


Classification according to designs of the frame:


  1. Gap Frame Press :



As seen in the above figure, it has the larger frame opening part which indicates the wide gap between ram and bed. It is also called C-Frames machines. This type of machine is beneficial for the accommodation of large workpieces with longer beds as seen in the figure.


  1. Inclinable Frame Press:


It is known as inclinable frame press because of the flexibility of the frame. As seen in the figure, the frame is tilted back up to some angle. It’s also known as the open back inclinable press since its rear is open to allow scrap to depart.


  1. Adjustable Bed Frame Press:


Because it has a knee-type bed supported on a column-shaped frame, it’s also known as the column and knee-type press. Its bed (knee) can be moved vertically up and down with the use of power screws to any desired height. In comparison to other structures, this construction has a small lack of stiffness. It is depicted in Figure.


  1. Horning Press:


horning press


It is made out of a vertical frame with an overhanging top that faces the front. The ram control and driving mechanism are housed in the overhanging part. The frame has a horn-shaped front face that serves as a work table.

  1. Straight Side Press :

straight side press

The figure depicts the straight side press. Two vertical stiff frames make up this press machine. These are positioned on two sides of the base and are designed to absorb the ram’s essential stress. The machine can handle heavy work, but sheet metal cannot be fed from the side due to the existence of side frames.

  1. Piller Press :


Piller press

The above illustration is of pillar press. It’s a hydraulic press with four pillars at the bottom. The ram is supported and guided by the pillars.


At Rajesh machine tools we sell all kinds of Power Press machines be it H-type or any C-type frame machines. We provide you with machines with the best quality as you need to add for your workshop.

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