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Hydraulic Punching Machine

Standard Equipment

  • Variable Stroke Adjustment With Limit Switch
  • Punch and Die – 10 Set (Diameter between 8 mm to 20 mm)
  • Quick Change Die Holder 3 in 1 – 50, 73 & Angle Punching
  • Die Light
  • Operating Mode (Inching/Auto)
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Movable Foot Switch
  • Table for Punch Station
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual Book

Optional Equipment

  • Hydraulic Hold-Down
  • Customized Die
  • NC Gauge

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Frame is fabricated from IS-2062 graded rolled steel plates table and cutting beam deeply reinforced and fines hydraulic punching machines after stress reliving. The interlocked design put the direct support to frame. These frames are strain free and eliminate welds at load supports. Thus the accuracy of the hydraulic press machine is never disturbed.

The cylinder bodies are precisely made from forged steel material duly bored and fine honed or long sealing life. The piston rods are made from EN-8 material having low carbon contents. The piston rod is hard chrome platted (0.200 micron).

The compact blocks eliminate the leakage chances and also reduces the hydraulic pipes. This low noise hydraulic system is placed on the rear side of the hydraulic press machine, on the rear side of machine, on top between two side plates. Pressure relief values is provided to safe guard the system and hydraulic punching machine from overload. The hydraulic system is driven by an electric motor of reputed brand and is coupled with a pump capable if generating more than the required pressure. Pressure gauge for system pressure, back pressure and holding pressure are providing on top of oil tank for quick reference.

The electrical control panel is located on the left hand side of the hydraulic press punching machine. It is assembled from the internationally reputed parts for consistent performance, reliability and availability, if need to be replaced. It is wire cleanly and labeled/ferruled properly as per the international practices to help easily locates any fault and replaces components conveniently.

Technical Parameters

RIWP - 40RIWP - 50RIWP - 60RIWP - 75RIWP - 90RIWP - 120RIWP - 150RIWP - 175
Tonnage40 Ton50 Ton60 Ton75 Ton85 Ton120 Ton150 Ton175 Ton
Punch Capacity (Diameter x Thickness) Material Strength Of 450 N/MM'ø 18 x 14ø 20 x 15ø 20 x 16 ø 22 x 20 ø 26 x 22 ø 26 x 26 ø 33 x 27ø 40 x 30
 ø 25 x 8ø 35 x 8ø 45 x 8ø 50 x 9 ø 50 x 12 ø 50 x 15 ø 50 x 18ø 34 x 34
Throat Depth 175175275310310310570 510
Maximum Stock Length6060100100100100100100
Stroke/Min. (20mm Stroke Length)303025-3220-2520-25212031
Motor HP555/7.5 7.5010101520
Working Height Up to Die91091091091095095010201110

*All dimensions are in mm


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