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Rolling Machines

RAJESH group of companies offers you a variety of tools to produce sheet metals from raw materials, and one of the most important tools is the Rolling machine. A rolling machine plays an important role in sheet metal production.

Mostly metal rolling machines are used in metal working applications. Other than that, they are used in the production of different types of cylindrical products. There are so many items in which their applications are used such as home appliances, automobiles, ships, pressure vessels, oil and gas industries, and many more.  A plate rolling machine is used to round a straight sheet into a cylinder.

Types of Rolling Machines

There are mainly three types of rolling machines that are used in various industries. They are as follows:

1. 3 Roller Mechanical Rolling Machine

3 Roller Mechanical Rolling Machine

Usually, a 3 roller mechanical rolling machine is used to bend thick plates. They are very accurate, smooth, and easy to use. There are 2 rolls on the sides and 1 roll is above. The top roll moves up and down while the side two rolls move left & right horizontally.

2. 3 Roll Hydraulic Rolling

3 Roll Hydraulic Rolling machine is very much preferable for medium and heavy plates or stainless steel. There are 3 rolls in this machine. One is at the bottom and the other two are on sides that move with hydraulic cylinders. There is a hydraulic drop end so to remove the finished pipe. The operation of this machine is very easy and smooth.

3. 4 Roll Hydraulic Rolling

4 Roll Hydraulic Rolling is the easiest hydraulic bending machine to use. The 4 roll machine is controlled by NC or CNC numerical control. These types of machines are used to make conical bending. There are 4 rolls, two rolls on the side are known as side rolls and two rolls are on the central called central rolls. Side rolls are controlled by a torsion bar system and central rolls are driven by hydraulic motors.

These rolling machines are very power efficient and we manufacture these machines under the guidance of our highly-qualified experts. Other than rolling machines, Rajesh machine tools provide a wide range of other equipment. If you want to know in detail then feel free to contact us.

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