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Hydraulic Press Brake (Rear Cylinder) - Sheet metal bending machine

Standard Equipment

  • Variable Stroke Adjustment with Limit Switch
  • Standard Tooling Set (V-Block & Punch)
  • Emergency Stop Push Button
  • Movable Operating Panel with Foot Switch
  • Front Sheet Support
  • Self Lubrication System
  • Hand operated Manual Back Gauge
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual Book

Optional Equipment

  • Degree Setting DDC With Motorized Back Gauge
  • NC Servo Back Gauge
  • Auto Lubrication System
  • Manual Anti Deflection Table

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  • 4.3” Digital Touch Color Display
  • Delta/Schneider PLC System
  • X – Axis Motorized Back Gauge
  • Y – Axis With High Precision Liner Scale for Stroke Length Measurement and Auto Degree/Angle Bending
  • AC Induction Brake Motor
  • Precision Grounded Lead Screw
  • Hardened and Grounded Shaft
  • Auto Program Function
  • High Precision Encoder
  • Stroke Counter
  • Inch/Single/Auto Stroke Cycle
  • Storage Capacity (10 Programs and Per Program 10 Bend can Store)

  • Delta/Schneider 7” Digital Touch Color Display
  • Delta/Schneider PLC System
  • Y – Axis With High Precision Liner Scale for Stroke Length Measurement and Auto Degree/Angle Bending
  • Schneider/Siemens/Panasonic Servo Motor and Servo Drive
  • X – Axis Servo Back Gauge
  • Taiwan Made Ball Screw
  • Hardened and Grounded Shaft & LM Bush
  • Auto Program Saved Function
  • Stroke Counter
  • Inch/Single/Auto Stroke Cycle
  • Storage Capacity (100 Programs and Per Program 10 Bend can Store)

Frame is made of steel fabrication construction of interlock robust design. Bending machine are constructed with safe guard against undesired deflections and breakage. This frame distributes the stresses, supporting the bed directly on the frame. The double support shoe of frame gap provide extremely high rigidity, alignment, accuracy and
keeps frame structure at the right angles to the bed.

Table and upper beam are straight and parallel of the working surface under the rated load. The table is accurately machined and upper surface is grinded to keep the die in correct alignment. The upper beam is guided and supported throughout the stroke by accurately machines guide ways.

Tooling is manufactured strictly as per standard EN-31. Every step from designing metallurgical specification, heat-treatment grinding and inspection is carefully controlled. The tooling are standardized and easily replaced.

The cylinder bodies are precisely made from forged steel material duly bored and fine honed or long sealing life. The piston rods are made from EN-8 material having low carbon contents. The piston rod is hard chrome platted (0.200 micron).

The compact blocks eliminate the leakage chances and also reduces the hydraulic pipes. This low noise hydraulic system is placed on the rear side of sheet metal bending machine, on the rear side of machine, on top between two side plates. Pressure relief values is provided to safe guard the system and machine from overload. The hydraulic system is driven by an electric motor of reputed brand and is coupled with a pump capable of generating more than the required pressure. Pressure gauge for system pressure, back pressure and holding pressure are providing on top of oil tank for quick reference.
The electrical control panel is located on the left hand side of the sheet metal bending machine. It is assembled from the internationally reputed parts for consistent performance, reliability and availability, if need to be replaced. It is wire cleanly and labeled/ferruled properly as per the international practices to help easily locates any fault and replaces components conveniently.

The rigid and accurate construction of the back gauge provided with bending machine allows consistency in width of sheet being Bend.

Technical Parameters

Model No.

Machine SizeTonnageTable LengthTable WidthClear PassRam StrokeOpen HeightThroat DepthSpeed (Advance-Working-Return)Motor HPPacking Dimension (Length x With x Height)Weight (Approx.)
RP-Bend 30T/15001500 x 2.5 301525125105010025020035-9-3531700 x 1050 x 19001500
RP-Bend 30T/20002000 x 2302030125150010025020030-7-3032200 x 1150 x 1900 1750
RP-Bend 40T/15001500 x 3 401525150150010025020040-8-4031700 x 1050 x 19002100
RP-Bend 40T/25002500 x 2402540150200010025020040-8-4032700 x 1150 x 19002500
RP-Bend 50T/15001500 x 4501525150105010025020035-7-3551700 x 1050 x 19002300
RP-Bend 50T/20002000 x 3502030150150010025020035-7-3552200 x 1050 x 19002600
RP-Bend 65T/20002000 x 4652030150150015033020030-5-3052200 x 1500 x 19002750
RP-Bend 65T/25002500 x 3652540150205015033020030-5-3052700 x 1200 x 20003600
RP-Bend 80T/20002000 x 5802030180150015033025040-6-477.52700 x 1300 x 20503700
RP-Bend 80T/25002500 x 4 802540180205015033025040-6-477.52700 x 1550 x 23004500
RP-Bend 80T/30003000 x 3803125180250015033025040-6-477.53350 x 1550 x 23002400
RP-Bend 100T/20002000 x 6 1002030180150015033025040-6-477.52200 x 1550 x 23004800
RP-Bend 100T/25002500 x 51002540180205015033025040-6-477.52700 x 1550 x 23005100
RP-Bend 100T/30003000 x 4 1003125180250015033025040-6-477.52700 x 1550 x 23005700
RP-Bend 100T/40004000 x 4 1004065180310015033025040-6-477.54250 x 1650 x 23006800
RP-Bend 125T/25002500 x 61252540180205015035030040-6-40102750 x 1650 x 25006000
RP-Bend 125T/30003000 x 51253125180250015035030040-6-40103350 x 1650 x 25006800
RP-Bend 125T/40004000 x 4 1254065180310015035030040-6-40104250 x 1650 x 25008000
RP-Bend 160T/25002500 x 81602540230205015035030035-6-40152750 x 1800 x 25007000
RP-Bend 160T/30003000 x 61603125230250015035030035-6-40153350 x 1650 x 25007800
RP-Bend 160T/40004000 x 51604065230310015035030035-6-40154250 x 1650 x 250010000
RP-Bend 200T/25002500 x 102002540230205020040030035-6-40202750 x 2050 x 275010000
RP-Bend 200T/30003000 x 820031125230250020040030035-7-35203350 x 2050 x 275011000
RP-Bend 200T/40004000 x 62004065230310020040030035-7-35204350 x 2050 x 275012500
RP-Bend 200T/50005000 x 52005065230410020040030035-7-35205410 x 2000 x 275014500
RP-Bend 250T/25002500 x 122502540300205020040030035-7-35252850 x 2200 x 28509500
RP-Bend 250T/30003000 x 102503125300250020040030035-6-40252850 x 2200 x 285011700
RP-Bend 250T/40004000 x 82504065300310020040030036-6-40254400 x 2100 x 290012500
RP-Bend 250T/50005000 x 62505065300410020040030035-6-40255600 x 2100 x 290014000
RP-Bend 300T/30003000 x 123003125300250020040030030-6-35303350 x 2150 x 290012000
RP-Bend 300T/40004000 x 103004065300310020040030030-6-35304400 x 2150 x 290014000
RP-Bend 300T/50005000 x 83005065300410020040030030-6-35305600 x 2150 x 290015000
RP-Bend 300T/60006000 x 6 3006100300510020040030030-6-35306500 x 2150 x 290016000
RP-Bend 400T/30003000 x 164003125350250025050035030-6-35403400 x 2200 x 290016000
RP-Bend 400T/40004000 x 124004065350250025050035030-6-35404400 x 2200 x 305019000
RP-Bend 400T/50005000 x 104005065350410025050035030-6-35405600 x 2200 x 305021500
RP-Bend 400T/60006000 x 84006100350510025050035030-6-34406350 x 2350 x 320023000
RP-Bend 500T/40004000 x 165004065350310025050035025-5-30404400 x 2500 x 400021500
RP-Bend 500T/50005000 x 125005065350410025050035025-5-30405500 x 2500 x 400026000
RP-Bend 500T/60006000 x 105006100350510025050035025-5-30406500 x 2500 x 400022000
RP-Bend 600T/40004000 x 186004065350310025050035025-5-30504400 x 2750 x 450023000
RP-Bend 600T/50005000 x 156005065350410025050035025-5-30505500 x 2750 x 450024500
RP-Bend 600T/60006000 x 126006100350510025050035025-5-30506500 x 2750 x 450026000

*All dimensions are in mm

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