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Shearing Machine

Shearing involves the cutting sheets of metal, bars, or plates using shear force through using a die and a tool that’s very similar to the paper punching process. The punch and die could be in various forms, including circular or straight blades that can behave similar to scissors. Shearing machines comprise blanking machines that are used to make washers, punching equipment used to make small discs, etc. Shearing is typically used to separate metals into sheets or strips. Shearing strips, sheets, or plates is dependent on the type of blade that is used to shear that can be a straight or rotatory.

To cut and squaring flat stock to the desired sizes and shapes, straight knife shearing is utilized. Straight shearing of a straight knife is utilized to create square and rectangular shapes. Many straight-sided shapes are also available through straight knives.

The Mechanism Of Shearing Machine

The shear cutting or punching actions result from the close movement between two edges that are close to each other and the material is placed between the edges. Shear stresses are applied near the place of fracture and is divided into three phases:

  • Deformation:  The deformation occurs on the two sides of the workpiece that is directly adjacent to cutting edges from the moment the cutting begins close to the material.
  • Permeation: Cutting edges penetrate or cut the material that results with fracture lines.
  • Fracture: It can also be described as the point where the lower and upper fracture lines intersect. It is at this point that work is completed, but in case of punching, the process is carried on until the material is able to move through the slug.


There are many types of shearing machines that could be used to satisfy the specific requirements of your job.

NC Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Mechanical Under Crank Shearing