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H – Frame (Pillar) Power Press

Standard Equipment

  • Flywheel & Gear Guard
  • Oil Cups & Self-Lubrication System
  • Motor Pulley
  • Knock Out System (For 20 Ton & above)
  • Slide Adj. Spanner
  • A Pair Of Die Clamp
  • Clutch Key (For 5o Ton & above)

Optional Equipment

  • Pneumatic Clutch With Photo Safety Curtains
  • Two Hand Operated Mechanical Device
  • Auto Lubrication System
  • Electrical Motor, Starter & V-Belt
  • Stroke Counter
  • Extra Base Plate
  • Anti-vibration mount

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Mechanical H (Pillar) Type Power Press machine fabricated from IS-2062 graded rolled steel plates. Frame is deeply reinforced and fines machines after stress reliving. The interlocked design put the direct support to frame. This frame is strain free and eliminates welds at load supports. Thus the accuracy of the machine is never disturbed.

Table and Slide are made of high grade heavy duty cast iron and properly seasoned. They are perfectly aligned, to each other to obtain high accuracy and precession press operation.

Shaft is made of special alloy steel machined to close accuracy and fitted in bronze bushes for smooth working, longer life and accuracy.

Made of alloy steel for positive engagement and continues operation heavy three key ways. Single rolling key system is incorporated in the machine ensuring easy and efficient working of the machine. Gears: Gears are of steel cast or fabricated. Gear teeth are generated by precision hobbing machine.

Properly sized flywheel is made of high grade cast iron, for storing and releasing adequate energy for the cutting operations, and properly balanced for smooth running. Lubrication: Single shot lubricator provides oil to all the lubrication points, where necessary. Thus all bearing parts and guide surface etc.

Single shot lubrication provides oil to all the lubrication points, where necessary, thus all bearing parts and guide surface, etc.

Technical Parameters

Crank Shaft Dia60768295101133152158165
Stroke Length517676102115127152158165
Storke Adjustment6-5113-7613-7613-10213-11513-12713-15213-15813-165
Slide Adjustment252525323838505050
Size Of Bolster (LRxFBxT)355×460x45457×508x55508×559x63559×610x76610×762x89660×813x102711×914x115762×965x127812×1016x140
Throat Gap230254280305407381457483508
Daylight/Bolster to Slide215255290355375420445470485
Shut/Die Height164179214253260293293312320
Hole in Slide/ Sank Hole Dia.Ǿ253238384551516363
Hole in Bolster7682102125198203215230250
Fly Wheel Dia.Ǿ425508558660812914101610651220
Storke per Minute706060555040303025
Motor H.P. Required12357.510152025
Weight Approx Kgs45090011502250350045005800825010500

* All Dimensions are in mm

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