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Hydraulic Press Machine

Looking for a heavy-duty, Hydraulic press? RAJESH group of companies Provides you with the best range of hydraulic press machines with the best price and timely delivery. We have industry excellence and expertise in providing the best quality line of Hydraulic Press machines.

A hydraulic press machine is a mechanical device that uses Pascal’s principle to shape, and build different types of rubber, plastics, metals, and wood. Hydraulic press machines are primarily observed in industrial areas. A hydraulic press machine is used to generate a large amount of force and is used for crushing cars and casting metal objects.

The application of the Hydraulic press machine includes Metal forming operations, Blanking, Deep drawing, Carbon Fiber Molding, Clinching, etc. If you want to know more about hydraulic machines then feel free to contact us.

Types of Hydraulic Presses​

There are many types of Hydraulic Presses that could be used to satisfy the specific requirements of your job.

The name itself gives you an idea that C Frame Hydraulic Press is in ‘C’ shape. The benefit of this type of hydraulic press is they are open work areas and easily accessible. Its maintenance is very easy. They perform a variety of operations like forming, blanking, straightening, etc.

This type of press machine forms the ‘H’ letter so it is known as H Frame Hydraulic Press. The H-frame hydraulic press machine is designed to perform various types of metal forming operations such as drawing, sizing, punching, stamping, pressing, etc. H frame hydraulic press which is also known as a four-column press is the best choice in the project which requires even pressure.

This type of machine is designed to provide flexibility for different applications such as Coining, blanking, broaching, and many others. Four pillar hydraulic press is used in khakhra-making machines, multi-drilling machines, bearing washing machines, etc.

Hydraulic Workshop Press

A hydraulic workshop press is very important in the installation of ball bearing and extracting bushings. It is used to fit and remove bearings, sprockets, gears, and straightening shafts. It can apply a force of up to 50 tonnes. There are various kinds of workshop presses with different pressure to use permanently in the workshops.