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Advantages of Shearing Machine

A shearing machine is an industrial machinery with rotating disks and blades to cut metal bars and hard iron sheets. Shearing refers to applying high pressure on a metal bar once to remove a portion of the metal. The cutting mechanism of all metal shears uses the same arrangement of a fixed upper blade, a lower blade, and an adjustable clearance between the two. When pressure is applied to the upper blade, the lower blade is compelled to cut and split the metal in two.

Whether their blades are linear or circular, shearing machines are divided into hydraulic guillotine and swing beam shears. Because of their excellent cutting accuracy, adjustable shear angle, longer blade and oil cylinder life, and broader application range, hydraulic guillotine metal shear machines are frequently used in modern sheet metal processing production lines for ironworkers.

Major advantages of shearing machine that you need to know for your business:

1.High accuracy

Accuracy is the one thing you need to consider before buying a machine. The machine can make a vertical linear movement to produce minimal distortion and precise straightness in the sheared material. The oil cylinder, blade, and knife beam are all in a straight line, making the machine difficult to distort. As a result, it moves effectively and is solid and stiff to the bottom blade.

2.Shear Angle Is Simple To Change

The machine’s shear angle is easily adjustable. It is the angle formed by the shear plane with the movement of the tool. You may change the pitch by changing the volume of the oil cavity in two oil cylinders. These are things we can do to increase the shearing capacity and angle. This will allow us to improve the speed and decrease the shearing angle.

3. Improved Blade Life

The machinery you may get these days from manufacturers of shearing machines in India uses rectangular blades with four cutting edges, doubling the blade’s life compared to standard blades.

4. Long-Term Cylinder Life

The built-in oil cylinder is challenging to lubricate and maintain in the pendulum hydraulic brake shear machine. However, there is no need for additional lubrication in the top and lower chambers of the engineering oil cylinder utilized by the guillotine shears, which significantly lengthens the service life.

5. A more comprehensive range of uses for hydraulic shear machines

The guillotine metal shearing machine can cut and process metal plates made of various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. It also has a broader range of applications.

Additionally, because the metal cutting angle is adjustable, cutting effectiveness can be attained for plates of various thicknesses by adjusting the cutting angle.

6. Little Waste

The fact that shearing produces little to no kerf, which translates to almost little material loss and low waste, is its primary benefit. As a result, fewer raw materials must be purchased at the commencement of the project.

Application of shearing machine:

In the automotive, printing, food processing, engineering, electronics, plastics, woodworking, electrical, and a wide range of other industrial sectors, hydraulic shearing machines are used.
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