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NC Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Standard Equipment

  • Multi Edge Blades for Cutting Aluminium, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Cutting Line Illumination and wire for shadow line cutting
  • Stroke Counter
  • Quick Cutting Length Adjustment
  • Hydraulic and Electrical Overload Protection
  • Squaring ARM and Front Support ARM
  • Beed Infill Plates with Ball Transfers
  • Delta Inverter with Ball Screw and Polished Rod with 0.01 mm
  • AccuracyDelta Inverter with Ball Screw and Polished Rod with 0.01 mm Accuracy
  • Back Gauge Adjustment According to Blade Gap
  • Back Gauge Retraction Features
  • Sub Program and Programming Loop
  • Sequence Repeat Function
  • Auto Cutting (Flying Cut)

Optional Equipment

  • Delem DAC 310 CNC Controller
  • ELG0 P40 Controller
  • Pneumatic Sheet Supporing System
  • Table Mounted Sheet Angle Cutting Guage

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- Program Memory up to 40 Program up to 25 Steps
- Per Program
- One Side Positioning Indication
- Retract Funcation
- Auto Reference Search
- Power Down Memorization mm/inch
- English Diagnoses Function


- Servo control technology
- Bright LCD display, 128×64 pixels
- Back gauge, Gap or Angle control
- Stroke length limitation
- Actual and programmed position visualisation


- Single or Two axis Controller
- LCD display
- Manual function
- Single set operation
- Program set operation
- Digital Output
- Analog Output

Swing Beam Shearing Machine fabricated from IS-2062 graded rolled steel plates table and cutting beam are deeply reinforced and fines shearing machines after stress reliving. The interlocked design put the direct support to frame. This frame is strain free and eliminates welds at load supports. Thus the accuracy of the shearing machine is never disturbed.

Super strong table of closed box type construction. Stress relived in a furnace. Forms a rigid backbone for the shear and a solid backing for the lower knife.

Upper beam is also of solid steel plate, carrying the upper knife. Its minimum weight ensures lesser load on the roller. The upper beam moves in flat heat-treated steel guide plates to avoid deflection, for smooth running and maintain the accurate straightness of the upper knife.

Solid clamping by powerful hydraulic loaded hold-down is one of the reasons for accuracy in our shearing machine. Heavy uniform pressure is applied along the full length of the work piece, preventing slippage regardless of variations in thickness. Hold-down pressure is easily adjustable for clamping soft material. Different thickness of the material can be cut without further adjustment with consistently accurate and burr free results.

Knifes are manufactured strictly as per standard HCHCr/OHNS. Every step from designing metallurgical specification, heat-treatment grinding and inspection is carefully controlled. The blades are standardized and are easily replaced.

The cylinder bodies are precisely made from forged steel material duly bored and fine honed for long sealing life. The piston rods are made From EN – 8 material having low carbon contents. The piston rod is hard chrome platted (0.200 micron).

The compact Blocks eliminate the leakage chances and also reduces the hydraulic pipes. This low Noise hydraulic system is placed on the rear side of shearing machine, on top between two side plates. Pressure relief value is provided to safe guard the system and shearing machine from overload. The hydraulic system is driven by an electric motor of reputed brand and is coupled with a pump capable of generating more than the required pressure in shearing machine. Pressure gauge for system pressure, backpressure and holding pressure are providing on top of oil tank for quick reference.

The electric control panel is located on the left hand side of the shearing machine. It is assembled from the internationally reputed parts for consistent performance, reliability and availability, if needed to be replaced. It is wired cleanly and labelled/ferruled properly as per the international practices to help easily locate any fault and replace components conveniently.

The rigid and accurate construction of the back gauge provided with the machine allows consistency in the width of sheet being cut.

Technical Parameters

Model No.

Cutting ThicknessCutting WidthCutting Angle Material Intension kN*mBackgauge RangeNumber of Stroke Number of Hold DownMain Motor kW Weight KgsOverall Dimension Length x Width x Height
RP-Cut S - 2504425001°30′45020-50010125.538003040x1610x1620
RP-Cut S - 3204432001°30′45020-50010145.550003840x1610x1620
RP-Cut S - 4004440001°30′45020-7508165.565004600x1700x1700
RP-Cut S - 6004460001°30′45020-7505207.5110006460x2100x3200
RP-Cut S - 2506625001°30′45020-50010127.550003040x1610x1620
RP-Cut S - 3206632001°30′45020-7509147.560003840x1610x1620
RP-Cut S - 4006640001°30′45020-7508167.582004620x1750x1700
RP-Cut S - 5006650001°30′45020-7506187.5105005400x1800x1900
RP-Cut S - 6006660001°30′45020-75052011165006480x2100x2300
RP-Cut S - 2508825001°30′45020-75010127.560003040x1700x1700
RP-Cut S - 3208832001°30′45020-7508147.572003860x1700x1700
RP-Cut S - 4008840001°30′45020-7508167.588004640x1700x1700
RP-Cut S - 5008850001°30′45020-7508187.5115005400x2100x2000
RP-Cut S - 6008860001°30′45020-75082011180006480x2100x2350
RP-Cut S - 251010250045020-7509121173003040x1700x1700
RP-Cut S - 321010320045020-7509141180003860x1700x1700
RP-Cut S - 401010400045020-75081611120504650x2100x2000
RP-Cut S - 601010600045020-75052015240006500x2100x2300
RP-Cut S - 25121225001°40′45020-75091218.590003140x2150x2000
RP-Cut S - 32121232001°40′45020-75091418.5108003880x2150x2000
RP-Cut S - 40121240001°40′45020-75081618.5130004680x2150x2000
RP-Cut S - 501212500045020-75061818.5160005900x2150x2000
RP-Cut S - 601212600045020-100052018.5295006900x2600x2700
RP-Cut S - 801212800045020-100052418.5465009000x3500x3500
RP-Cut S - 25161625002°30′45020-75091218.5110003140x2150x2000
RP-Cut S - 32161632002°30′45020-75081418.5130003880x2150x2000
RP-Cut S - 40161640002°30′45020-75081618.5163004650x2150x2000
RP-Cut S - 50161650002°30′45020-100061818.5200005900x2600x2700
RP-Cut S - 60161660002°30′45020-100052022360006900x2700x2700
RP-Cut S - 80161680002°30′45020-100052422750009000x3500x3500
RP-Cut S - 252020250045020-75081222158003440x2300x2500
RP-Cut S - 322020320045020-100081422185004150x2350x2700
RP-Cut S - 402020400045020-100051622215004850x2600x2700
RP-Cut S - 602020600045020-100042022470006700x3000x3000
RP-Cut S - 252525250045020-100081237190003200x2700x2900
RP-Cut S - 322525320045020-100051437230004200x2900x3200
RP-Cut S - 253030250045020-100041237235003300x2900x3000
RP-Cut S - 32303032003°30′45020-100041440260004200x2900x3200
RP-Cut S - 254040250045020-100031275380003200x3300x3000
RP-Cut S - 324040320045020-100031490490004300x3300x3200

*All dimensions are in mm

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